Martin drs2

Martin drs2

Who said it is difficult to find a great guitar that combines the best of both worlds for guitar players? Whilst it could hold its ground as an acoustic guitar only, it does not.

Its electric capacity makes for a versatile unit. Above all, the guitar has received a lot of positive reviews online. Many users praising it for its excellent playability and sound. But the question is, for the price, is this guitar really a worthy investment? Does it live up to its claims of being a solid acoustic-electric guitar?

martin drs2

Or is it just one of those guitars that are priced high and they end up performing like cheap guitars? The Martin brand hold weight in the world of acoustic-electric guitars. Their DRS2 is a prime example of the quality output the brand has to offer.

Martin DRS2 Guitar

It comes with a variety of great features to meet your musical needs. Its body boasts solid Sitka spruce top for great balance and projection. The back and sides boast solid sapele that results to bright tonality.

The neck is a standard It is also made of multilaminated stratabond for extra stability and endurance. As a result, you enjoy better playability. Moreover, the fingerboard is coupled with 20 frets and white style 28 dot inlays.

As an added feature, its strings are reaffirmed using a set of chrome enclosed tuner machines. It comes complete with Fishman Sonitone electronics. This compact-size, plug-play electronics makes it much easier to achieve great tone. Just plug in and you are ready to go. Inside the soundhole are two control knobs for the volume and tone. The controls are built to allow for ease of access.

It is designed for price sensitive players. Of course for those looking for a rich but traditional Martin tone at a reasonable price. Similarly, it is a travel friendly versatile guitar as a result of its solid construction. And when it comes to the style of music, it is not too picky.

Featuring a 1. It is comfortable for strumming hence a great choice for beginners. Its sound is lively and very articulate. Therefore, it works amazingly well in live show settings. Judging by its versatility, it caters even for heavy finger-style players. Above all, it is ideal upgrade guitar for players wishing to advance musically.

But that does not mean it is not ideal for professional players. On the contrary, intermediate players are the target audience for this guitar.Built on traditional styling and legendary Martin tone, the DRS2 acoustic-electric model is the most affordable solid wood model.

Constructed with sapele back and sides. This model includes sustainable wood certified parts. See specifications for details.

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton cover by Vesa Nurminen

Sign up for martin guitar emails enter your email address for martin newsletters. Form ID Field. Find a Martin Guitar Dealer. DRS2 Hover to Zoom. Playability Enhanced. Specifications Overview Body Size:. Finish Top:. Bracing Pattern:. Scale Length:. Brace Shape:. Fingerboard Width At Nut:. Top Material:. Neck Shape:.

Performing Artist. Back Material:. Neck Taper:. High-Performance Taper. Side Material:. Recommended Strings:. Top Top Color:. Bridge Style:. Modern Belly - Drop in Saddle. Bridge String Spacing:. Top Inlay Material:. Bridge Material:. Top Detail:. Bridge Pin Material:. White Plastic.Martin Guitar, that bastion of flat-top history and tradition, has undergone something of a metamorphosis over the last two decades. Following the horrendous-for-acoustic-music s, the 90s brought along with it the MTV Unplugged phenomenon, giving the Pennsylvania brand a whole new springboard into rapidly expanded waters.

Today, it's in a position of great strength, boasting higher end instruments that are built better and sound better than at any time since the pre-WWII 'Golden Era'. Meanwhile, the company continues to push the envelope at the lower end, with cost-conscious guitars that use an increasing number of sustainable materials.

Martin recently introduced its most cost-effective solid wood guitar to date: the mahogany-topped DRS1 as part of the Road Series. This '2' variant shares that guitar's principle spec points, including the solid sapele back and sides, though replaces the mahogany top with one of solid Sitka spruce; this particular one has some distinctive figuring across the grain that you'll either like or you won't.

Underneath that, you'll find Martin's A frame X-1 bracing that is partly integral to the 'A', mortise and tenon and bolt neck block Now, that's not actually a criticism, but it does help to explain why the higher end guitars are so much more expensive.

A point of note thereafter is an extremely sturdy Stratabond neck - a multiple lengthways laminate of wood that's impregnated with dye to make it different colours. Here, it's 'rust', which means sort of pinky red. If you're baulking at this point, then brace yourself, because: a it feels really good to play - a kind of fast, satin surface that requires no finishing; and b the fingerboard and belly bridge aren't 'proper' wood either.

Instead they're Richlite, which is a composite material we're growing to like more and more as it appears on various Martin and indeed Gibson models. It looks and feels more like ebony than rosewood. Martin refers to the neck shape as 'modified low oval'. In the hands that translates to a comfortable middle ground of enough meat to let you know its there, but not clubby enough to upset anybody. Dare we say it's borderline unremarkable, albeit in a good way. The If there's a downside, it's that Stratabond is a heavy material, resulting in slight neck heaviness in the instrument, especially when you're stood and using the strap button in the heel.

Inside the soundhole is secreted a tiny control panel with two rotary pots - volume and tone - for the factory-fitted Fishman Sonitone system, fed by an under-saddle Sonicore pickup.

There's a cloth nine-volt battery bag by the neck block, completing what is a very tidily built but understated guitar. Sapele is noted for its bright, enthusiastic tonality compared with rosewood, for example and mahogany for that matterand partnered with the other spec choices, the overall impression is of a bright guitar with a stoically new American voice.All I know is I am feeling harassed for a service I never authorized.

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The Martin DRS2 Review – Does It Live Up To The Hype

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martin drs2

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Martin DRS2 review

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martin drs2

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