Marlin xt 22 vr

Marlin xt 22 vr

The XTVR is ideal for target practice and small game, these bolt-action 22s are reliable, accurate and fun to shoot. This model features a 7-shot magazine, blued heavy varmint barrel, thumb safety, Pro-Fire Adjustable trigger, rear and front scope bases, and they are drilled and tapped for scope.

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marlin xt 22 vr

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For details, see our Lifetime Warranty Policy. The XTM is perfect for target practice and small game, these bolt-action 22 magnums are reliable, accurate and fun to shoot The XTMR is perfect for target practice and small game, these bolt-action 22 magnums are reliable, accurate and fun to shoot XT Youth Series for a fit and proper form that lasts a lifetime.

Marlin's first series of rifles designed exclusively for young shooters. It features a shorter stock, shorter trigger reach, Model XT The XTR is perfect for target practice and small game, these bolt-action 22s are reliable, accurate and fun to shoot.

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marlin xt 22 vr

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Member Review: Marlin XT 22LR Rifle with Scope

Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart. Archery Range We have an archery range for testing bows and users looking to practice at all skill levels. Precision Rifle We specialize in custom and manufactured precision rifles along with the training to match. Experiences We have a wide array of domestic and international experiences that we use to make sure our customer base is getting outside enough.

Newsletter Subscription. Sign Up for Our Newsletter:. All Rights Reserved.This thing is neat Only ejection problems are with rat shot. I belive this is the bullet as my mates ruger american also fails to eject them. The marlin shoots goldies, subs and Zs very accurately U couldn't complain about this gun Absolutely awsome.

Gun shoots OK. Ejectors are poor and wont pull shells every time from the breach. Plastic magazine wells break very easily. Spare parts are subject to a long waiting time unless you are lucky enough to find a dealer who has bought enough parts. Dealers tend to run out of mag receivers quickly and the Marlin Winchester I believe supplier in Australia is very slow at getting the parts available. I bought this rifle brand new but after 2 weeks needed a new magazine and it would not pick up spent shells to eject them.

Sadly it nips the bullet when loading and at odd times spits 2 out of the magazine at once I have had the rifle back to the gun shop 5 times now, last time they pulled th Read more. The stock and barrel seem pretty good. But the gun throws huge flyers and gets 7" groups at 25 yards.

Best group I could get was 1" at 25 yards. In my opinion that is not accurate enough for a. I've had mine for a coming up 3 years.

Finally, a new Marlin that works!(XT-22 .22 Magnum review)

Just an XT22 with a laminated stock. Looks pretty good, the laminated stck is supposed to handle the weather well, and it seems to as i will go hunting in all weather. I go shooting up the farm every couple of weeks.

Rabbit, fox, pidgeon, rat, wild cat and lots of tin cans. Great reliable little gun. I shoot a variety of rounds in it with very few problems Mostly Winchester Powerpoint Max, 42 grain at fps, these do a good job.I had bought a Cricket single shot 22 in the early fall of to hunt with and it served me very well.

But, alas, as it is with a lot of shooters, I decided to upgrade. I sold the Cricket and bought a Marlin XT last fall. The XT is made of all stainless steel and is fitted with a synthetic stock.

The receiver is grooved for rings and the bolt action is designed to feed shorts as well as long rifle ammo. I had in my hands a Weaver K-4 in mint condition! Just as I had done with the Cricket, I put a targeting light on the stock of the Marlin.

I mounted a lumen pocket light to the fore end of the stock on the right side. Some of the places we go requires holding on to Laurel branches and pulling yourself up steep slopes. I need a sling. In my collection, I found a leather military style sling I had forgotten about.

marlin xt 22 vr

Heavy duty and no buckles to adjust or loosen. I set it so I could sling the rifle across my shoulders and on my back. I wanted to give a description and brief history of the rifle to lead into this. I was curious as to whether any of the new ammo I had picked up would shoot any better than the CCI blazers I had been using. I did not chrony the two types that are subsonic. I chose seven types of ammo to test.

I fired groups of ten shots of each at feet. That will give you an idea of the group sizes. The group size is 1.

Another lousy group, 2. The group size for this ammo was 1. At a hundred yards, that equates to over 3. I expect better from a relatively full power long rifle ammo. Below is the chrony data. The fourth test was shot with another Remington product, their famous Golden Bullets.

Group size here was 1. The chrony results are below. And the average velocity was only. Group size came in at 1. With a group of just over one inch, I think I could make one shot kills with this ammo on a regular basis.

Marlin XT-17 Review

I was impressed with the ES and the velocity average. Unlike both types of Remington ammo, I could not detect any difference in the sound of the reports. This ammo has served me well and I have three bricks of it on my shelf. That explains the group. CCI does not give an expected velocity on the box.

This is good stuff. I saved the best for last. While not quite as good as the Blazers, it still came in second place for ES.Discussion in ' Marlin Rimfires ' started by byrdbrainNov 17, Log in or Sign up. Nov 17, 1. Hey all, New to the forum Just got a XT and at the range realized my eyes arent what they used to be, want to put on a scope.

Any pointers about the base and rings for the XT? Actually am about set on the BSA sweet 22 x 40 scope. Any help will be appreciated. Nov 17, 2. Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum byrdbrain!! Mar 24, 3. Hi byrdbrain, I have a similar question, and i'd like to know how you went.

Should i get low,med or high rings. As the VR doesn't have iron sights and the objective lens is smaller that the eye lens my main concern is bolt removal clearance. I saw a youtube clip of a guy the took a dermal to the bolt arm and thinned it slightly to allow bolt removal. I'm not going to do that.

What size rings did you go with? Last edited: Mar 24, Mar 24, 4. Get medium rings and you should have no problem with scope clearance. I have a savage mark II also a bolt gun I have medium weaver rings and a simmons 8 point 4X scope. This rifle is the death of beer cans at 50 yards.

Mar 26, 5. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?Discussion in ' Marlin ' started by BallbearingJul 30, Log in or Sign up.

Finally, a new Marlin that works! Jul 30, 1. I had gotten two Marlin lemons in the past 2 years, and I'd inspected Marlins at the gun shop again over the past 2 years, and passed them by because of obvious problems. Therefore I was very hesitant to purchase another one, but I had wanted a. Then the woman at the gun counter told me it was a Marlin and I had to think for a minute.

Obviously, I didn't think too long and I bought it, hoping for the best, and that's what I got. I took it out shooting today, with 50 rounds of Winchester 45 grain Dynapoints.

I had thought the bolt to be a bit stiff when I had first cleaned it, but during firing, it proved to have the perfect level of resistance. The "pro-fire" feature on the trigger that simulates a two-stage trigger I could take or leave, to me, it was redundant and unnecessary, I found a proper hold on the rifle to matter much, much more and once I found my groove, the rifle put every round right where I aimed it.

I was rolling cans and making them fly and knocking one into another in no time. I was having fun, but two things I needed to do to this rifle became apparent to me. I need to put a sling on it, it's a big heffer of a.

This rifle has enough power and range that I need to get a scope for it, to use it to it's full potential. I don't want a toy scope either, something decent, and I wonder if they make see through. I believe this rifle could be effective quite a ways out, at least yards with a good scope. I might need some of the really high velocity rounds fps or better but I have no doubt this rifle can do the job. Well done Marlin, a very nice rimfire rifle.

BallbearingJul 30, Jul 30, 2. Good for you and glad you like it. ChaZamJul 30, Jul 30, 3. Jul 30, 4. Heres a pic of an XT but this one is obviously in. But so help me, I couldn't find a picture of the. I'll try to borrow a camera and take a picture of mine next to my Savage, the difference is like the difference between Twiggy and Jayne Mansefield. Last edited: Jul 31, Jul 31, 5.

Jul 31, 6. BallbearingJul 31, Jul 31, 7.

Marlin XT22 Accuracy Review Budget Bolt gun

It's a Boyds SS Evolution. Jul 31, 8. Jul 31, 9. Re 22 Mag Marlin Glad you are pleased with your new Marlin. Picked up a Model M a few years back and have been very satisfied. Is accurate with CCi 40 grain HP.

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